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No-Code Tools

100+ no-code/low-code tools and development platforms - build web and mobile apps, enterprise apps, websites, workflow automations, chatbots and more.

No-Code AI and Machine Learning Platforms

AI-powered landing page builder (GPT-3 + Tailwind). Explain your product in just twenty words and appropriate design templates will be generated instantly.

Main Features: Exports HTML & TailwindCSS code. No copy writing, designing or coding required. Responsive templates
Pricing*: $29+ monthly

AI-powered website builder. In-built smart design supervisor automatically adjusts your website visual look as you edit the template and blocks.

Main Features: 250+ ready-to-use templates. Custom forms. Shared editing. Integrations - Hotjar, Mailchimp, Facebook Pixel, Zapier and more. Custom Code Integration
Pricing*: Free/$8.25+ monthly

GYANA is powerful, insightful and easy-to-use, enabling anyone to become a citizen data scientist in minutes. Connect and analyse all your customer data seamlessly together, no coding required.

Main Features: Connect to HubSpot, Intercom, Salesforce, Amplitude, Mailchimp, Stripe, Postgres and more.Combine analysis into a shareable dashboard or report
Pricing*: Free/££39+ monthly

A simple, visual, easy-to-use platform that enables anyone to build and deploy AI in minutes. Make predictions with your business data - no data science experience needed.

Main Features: Share predictions with your team instantly with a link. Easy integrations for popular languages & platforms
Pricing*: Free/$50+ monthly

Lobe is a free, easy to use desktop app for creating custom machine learning models. Just show it examples of what you want it to learn, and it automatically trains a custom machine learning model that can be shipped in your app.

Main Features: No coding or data science experience needed. Free and Private. Export model as CoreML, TensorFlow Lite,TensorFlow SavedModel etc.
Pricing*: Free

Teachable Machine by Google is a fast, easy way to create machine learning models for your sites, apps, and more – no expertise or coding required.

Main Features: flexible – use files or capture examples live. Export your model as a TensorFlow.js
Pricing*: Free

Storyscript maximizes your team's productivity by turning everyone into a modern-day developer. The next-generation of Alexa/Siri for work that focuses on dialog-driven development by means of AI-assisted query and workflow automation

Main Features: Build automations, forms, queries and bots in seconds with no code
Pricing*: Beta

Enterprise Automation Platform. Workato platform uses machine learning algorithms based on billions of integration events and hundreds of thousands of integration use cases to assist you in building effective integrations and automations.

Main Features: No coding required. 400+ Pre-built Connectors for Enterprise Apps. Built-in Optimizations. Custom Bots. Robust security

build your own artificial intelligence applications and tools. Drag-and-drop. No code.

Main Features: One-click API creation. Easily format your datasets. dashboard analytics. Marketplace for AI
Pricing*: Beta

Create pixel-perfect, responsive websites using technology built for designers. Use your Quest plugin in Adobe XD, paste your Figma URL into Quest, or import your Sketch files into XD to go from prototype to live website.

Main Features: AI-powered Image Scaling. Robust animation engine. CMS.integrate Google Sheets. Export data as a CSV . Custom code and APIs.

Obviously AI is a No-Code Machine Learning tool that makes data science effortless by enabling anyone to instantly run accurate Predictions and Analytics on their data, simply by asking questions in natural language.

Main Features: Dataset from CSV Files, Databases or CRM
Pricing*: Free/$75+ monthly

A no-code data analytics tool to automatically Identify Key Drivers for Important KPIs.

Main Features: Predictive Insights from A.I. Data Visualisations. Train models easily.
Pricing*: Free/$47+ monthly

Comprehensive data science platform with visual workflow design and full automation.Quickly create impactful machine learning models without writing code

Main Features: Rich library of 1,500+ algorithms and functions. Connect to Any Data Source. Automated In-Database Processing over 30 interactive visualizations.Open & Extensible.
Pricing*: Free/$7,500 per user, per year

A low-code, no-code platform to analyze data, build apps (web, iOS, and Android), automate processes, and create virtual agents.

Main Features: Power Apps. Power BI. Power Automate. Power Virtual Agents

*At the time of listing. Please visit the company website for an updated pricing.