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No-Code Tools

80+ no-code/low-code tools and development platforms - build web and mobile apps, enterprise apps, websites, workflow automations, chatbots and more.



Start a newsletter. Build your community. Make money from subscriptions.

Main Features: A website for all your posts. Community features. Control over what’s free and what’s only for your paying subscribers
Pricing*: Free/10% of your subscription revenue


Create interactive apps, animations, generative art, quizzes, explorable explanations, music, games, etc. Can embed any adacraft project on website, blog article, etc.

Main Features: image recognition. Dynamic and static generative art. HTTP+JSON extension. Extends Scratch with new tools
Pricing*: Free
Databox Dashboard Designer


With the Dashboard Designer, anyone can pull the metrics they need, visualize KPIs in a variety of ways, and build beautiful dashboards–no code or design skills necessary.

Main Features: Datablock Library pre-configured with common visualization types. instant access to KPIs from 60+ services on both mobile and desktop
Pricing*: Free/$49+ monthly
NoCode API

NoCode API

Connect with third-party application APIs without code

Main Features: Secured Keys. Data Transformation. Tracking. In-built playground
Pricing*: Free/$69+ Yearly


The Most Intuitive No Code Chatbot Builder. Engage leads, capture data and personalize client journeys in real-time.

Main Features: Channels - Web, Whatsapp, Messenger and API. Rich Media Integration. Human Takeover & Chat Manager. Integrations with Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Stripe, Salesforce etc.
Pricing*: Free/€30+ monthly


Collaboratively design, prototype and build voice applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. No coding needed.

Main Features: Rapid prototyping in browser, or on device. Build your experience once, deploy it to both Alexa and Google Assistant.
Pricing*: Free/$40+ monthly


No Code REST API Tool. Eliminate the need for back-end development

Main Features: supports SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Oracle database systems. Integrated Security
Pricing*: Free/$49+ Monthly


Quickly scrape web data without coding. Turn web pages into structured spreadsheets within clicks

Main Features: Schedule Scraping. Scrape data from any dynamic website. Cloud Platform
Pricing*: Free/$75+ monthly

*At the time of listing. Please visit the company website for an updated pricing.