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No-Code Tools

100+ no-code/low-code tools and development platforms - build web and mobile apps, enterprise apps, websites, workflow automations, chatbots and more.

No-Code Apps for Web Scraping, Chatbots, Voice Apps and more

With the Dashboard Designer, anyone can pull the metrics they need, visualize KPIs in a variety of ways, and build beautiful dashboards–no code or design skills necessary.

Main Features: Datablock Library pre-configured with common visualization types. instant access to KPIs from 60+ services on both mobile and desktop
Pricing*: Free/$49+ monthly

JotForm Tables is a powerful all-in-one database tool that you can use to collect, track, organize, manage, and share data. Sync responses from connected forms, import data, or enter data manually into JotForm Tables. Then search and filter your data, add formulas and calculations, and collaborate with teammates in a powerful all-in-one workspace.

Main Features: Advanced Search & Filter Tools. Connect Multiple Tables. Instant Reports. Group Your Data.PDF Generation. ready-to-use templates. Revision History.
Pricing*: Free

From SaaS products to membership sites, Outseta gives creators all the tools they need to launch and grow remarkably efficient subscription businesses

Main Features: Authentication. Billing. CRM. Help Desk. Email
Pricing*: Free/$29+ monthly

Start a newsletter. Build your community. Make money from subscriptions.

Main Features: A website for all your posts. Community features. Control over what’s free and what’s only for your paying subscribers
Pricing*: Free/10% of your subscription revenue

Create interactive apps, animations, generative art, quizzes, explorable explanations, music, games, etc. Can embed any adacraft project on website, blog article, etc.

Main Features: image recognition. Dynamic and static generative art. HTTP+JSON extension. Extends Scratch with new tools
Pricing*: Free

Quickly scrape web data without coding. Turn web pages into structured spreadsheets within clicks

Main Features: Schedule Scraping. Scrape data from any dynamic website. Cloud Platform
Pricing*: Free/$75+ monthly

The Most Intuitive No Code Chatbot Builder. Engage leads, capture data and personalize client journeys in real-time.

Main Features: Channels - Web, Whatsapp, Messenger and API. Rich Media Integration. Human Takeover & Chat Manager. Integrations with Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Stripe, Salesforce etc.
Pricing*: Free/€30+ monthly

Collaboratively design, prototype and build voice applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. No coding needed.

Main Features: Rapid prototyping in browser, or on device. Build your experience once, deploy it to both Alexa and Google Assistant.
Pricing*: Free/$40+ monthly

*At the time of listing. Please visit the company website for an updated pricing.