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No-Code Tools

100+ no-code/low-code tools and development platforms - build web and mobile apps, enterprise apps, websites, workflow automations, chatbots and more.

Build Android and iOS Apps without Coding

Visual front-end and back-end frameworks included - design visually with the ease of prototyping, but then create full functional websites and mobile apps.

Main Features: 170+ responsive design blocks. Visual Bootstrap 4 designer. library of component and services for web apps. Powerful backend framework included. API connectivity. SEO friendly URLs. Support for all major databases. Support for any hosting and server model.single click publish to Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Pricing*: €19+ monthly

Build your app, visually. Create, customize, and launch mobile apps all from your browser.

Main Features: Custom design system. Interact with any external data source connected via REST API. Full Source Code Download
Pricing*: Private beta

Build apps fast. Web, iOS, and Android. Export full React Native + Django code using the app builder without any coding.

Main Features: Reusable code components. Service-oriented architecture. Powered by RAD stack. Automatic documentation
Pricing*: Free/$199+ monthly

Build Native Apps and Backend in your browser, without coding!

Main Features: Concurrent Platform Development. Download 100% Native Source code. 100% Browser based, Infrastructure free solution
Pricing*: $9+ monthly

No-Code mobile game development. The power to design, build, and publish 3D & 2D mobile games without coding.

Main Features: Game Wizard.Drag-and-drop animation components with built-in logic. Plug-and-play ad monetization. Supported Platforms - iOS, Android, Windows, Steam.
Pricing*: Free/$19.99+ monthly

Use the content on your website as a springboard to build apps for iOS and Android. Or build your app entirely from scratch.

Main Features: 30+ blocks, 15 navigation templates.Import Excel Data, Connect Web Services
Pricing*: $49+ monthly

Make production ready webapps and mobile apps amazingly fast and easy.

Main Features: Data Integration. Collaborative Editing. User based design
Pricing*: Free/$5+ monthly

Build apps for the web, android and iOS without code

Main Features: Fully responsive. Modular Components. Multiple Layouts. Easy Publishing
Pricing*: $19.50+ monthly

Build Powerful Apps, Published Everywhere.

Main Features: Native Device Actions. Database Spreadsheets.API Integration. Component Marketplace.
Pricing*: Free/$50+ monthly

Appy Pie is a no-code application development platform that lets users create Android and iOS mobile apps, websites, chatbots, task automation etc. easily without any coding.

Main Features: Fast Native Apps with Offline Capabilities. Multiple Chatbots and Live Chat. Integrate More Than 150 Apps
Pricing*: $18+ monthly

An app that lets you create iOS apps right from your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. You can create apps just by using drag and drop elements around the screen

Main Features: Export to Native Code. Cloud Sync. Swift Playgrounds Compatibility
Pricing*: Free/$5.99 monthly

Build mobile and desktop applications with powerful features

Main Features: Rich Data Collection. Maps & Location Services. Machine Learning Intelligence. Process Automation
Pricing*: Free/$5+ monthly

Choose your modules, connect your data and publish your app to the app store

Main Features: Built in Integrations.One click launch. Download source code.
Pricing*: Free/$8+ monthly

A prefab app builder that combines the ease of drag-and-drop app editors with the extensibility of prefabricated open source components.

Main Features: In-built data manager. Templates. CMS. Publish to Apple App Store and Google Play. Responsive webapps
Pricing*: Free/$65+ monthly

A low-code, no-code platform to analyze data, build apps (web, iOS, and Android), automate processes, and create virtual agents.

Main Features: Power Apps. Power BI. Power Automate. Power Virtual Agents

Bravo converts your Figma prototype into a native iOS or Android app.

Main Features: Use all iOS & Android’s native components. Airtable integration.
Pricing*: Free/€19+ monthly

Build complex apps rapidly through visual modeling.From customer portals to dynamic web apps, and everything in between.

Main Features: 100% cloud-based platform. Auto-scaled hosting. Pre-configured blocks of Webservices and UI Components
Pricing*: €1250+ monthly

Create apps faster by using modular building blocks called extensions.

Main Features: Native iOS and Android performance, powered by React Native. 200+ customizable layouts
Pricing*: $49+ monthly

Easily design apps, program powerful functionality with drag & drop blocks. One project, three cross-platform app - native Android app, native iOS app & mobile web app.

Main Features: Integration with Airtable and Google Sheets. Text to Speech, Speech Recognizer , Audio/Video Recording, Maps and many more components.
Pricing*: Free/$21+ monthly

Create simple apps to complex ERPs just by using a set of pre-designed software blocks that can be configured by anyone.

Main Features: Excel-based calculation and logic for complex configuration. Advanced Workflows. integration with custom APIs and databases
Pricing*: Free/$7+ monthly

Create a Mobile app from a Google Sheet. Pick a Google Sheet and Glide assembles a polished, data-driven mobile app that you can share with a link and publish to app stores if you desire.

Main Features: Free and paid templates. Easy to use
Pricing*: Free/$19+ monthly

A visual platform to create React and React Native apps.

Main Features: Multi-platform support. Native performance. 100+ native APIs. Built-in data integrations. User authentication etc.
Pricing*: Free if with <$10M in revenue or funding

*At the time of listing. Please visit the company website for an updated pricing.