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Fliplet - The Smart Way to Create Custom Apps

Fliplet combines the ease of no-code development and the power of custom coding with a focus on business apps development . An app is built visually in Fliplet Studio using drag and drop prefabricated open-source components. The app can be published on Apple App Store, Google Play, enterprise app stores, as a responsive web app or even shared as a downloadable file.

It’s quick and easy to get started with Fliplet. You can either start from scratch or customise the available templates. The available templates are quite powerful - complete prebuilt apps for common business use cases.

We initially selected the ‘Expenses’ template app which can be customised visually in the the Fliplet Studio. Expenses app allows employees to submit expense and authorises admins to review and approve the expenses.

Image Fliplet Studio

Screens can be added and interconnected visually. A number of pre-built screens are available that include screens for login, registration, chat, articles, forms, surveys, image galleries, google maps, profile screens etc. Various components such as buttons, charts, notifications, lists etc. can be dragged and dropped on the screen and can be further customised.

For advanced customisations Fliplet offers developer mode. Code can be edited from within the Fliplet editor.

Image Fliplet Studio

Flplet has its own spreadsheet like data source for managing app data that can be accessed from within the Studio. The user interface, is however, quite unimpressive and there isn’t any option to connect an external data source visually. Although, Fliplet integrates with third-party databases and offers a REST API as well but implementing this feature needs developer mode.

Image Fliplet Studio

The Studio supports responsive design and you can view how the app appears across various screen sizes by setting the relevant parameters in the editor. This, however, requires a little CSS knowledge like setting margins, padding, etc. Moreover, preview mode is available for a number of devices of varying screen size including iPhone 4s, Android 7, iPad Pro, large desktop screens etc.

You can also use Fliplet Viewer - a mobile app to test your Fliplet app on mobile devices.

The Fliplet app builder/Studio itself is also a responsive web app and we could easily use it on tablet as well. However, there appeared to be some bug in the screen list menu on the left as scrolling down resulted in the screens being rearranged instead of scrolling!

App Templates

Fliplet comes with a number of prebuilt app templates. A brief, representative list of some of them besides Expenses is given below:

Events - An app to manage an event or a conference. Features include listing of agenda, directory of attendees, speaker profiles, interactive floor map, messaging, notifications, event engagement with Q&A, Poll, Surveys etc.

Directory - To connect with colleagues. Search and filter for finding the person, interactive floor maps, chat, mentor suggestions m birthday reminders etc.

Internal Communications – Includes news feed, directory, discussion forums, event list, employee surveys, colleague recognition etc.

Sales Enablement - For sales team. Live Playbooks and factsheets, Learning materials, news, tips, notes taking, tests n performance tracking, leaderboards and challenges, Sync sales proposals with business operations etc.

Emergency Management - app that can be used before, during and post emergencies. Emergency contact details with buttons that automatically trigger email etc., Monitoring who has received, read and replied to a message at scale, checklists, notifications etc.

Food Ordering - Features to manage orders, browse products and place orders etc.

Return to Office - An app for Office managers to manage capacity. Includes staff directory with status, update of covid symptoms by employees, reports etc.

Portal app - A portal app is a gateway to other apps that allows multiple apps to be bundled within one .

App analytics are also available for live apps.

Overall, Fliplet is a nice combination of visual development and custom coding. Not all features, however, are intuitive and a better documentation will definitely help.