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From idea to success - the inspirational stories of founders, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in the no-code space.


Conversation with Sasa Janicijevic, Founder and CEO of Codemap - the First Freelance Platform for No-Code & Automation

We want to help both experts and agencies grow their businesses by flipping traditional models that are quite expensive and come down to public bidding, which generally results in eroding the prices drastically, demotivating experts, and in many cases leaving clients unhappy with the work that had been done.


Conversation with Vladimir Lugovsky, CEO and Co-Founder, UI Bakery - A Leading Visual Web App Building Platform

UI Bakery is the only low-code development platform that generates and allows you to export your application Angular code. As I said earlier, we do not lock you in within UI Bakery. You can just take your web app code, edit it, and use the code outside UI Bakery if you wish.

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